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Take Care of Your Customers And They Will Take Care Of Your Business

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

Customer care is the lifeblood of every successful organisation. Whole-heartedly aiming to exceed customer satisfaction positioning can help establish a loyal customer base and improve existing relationships.

According to a recent survey conducted by Bain & Company, it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. As a result, the best companies recognise that in order to profitably improve their bottom line, their prime business focus should rest greatly in customer retention.

Elated customers help to keep your business running. They’re great brand ambassadors who bring business to your door through word-of-mouth marketing. Further, they’re a valuable source of information which, when tapped into, can provide a basis for company growth.

Unsatisfied customers are likely to share their negative experiences through word or online condemnation. However, the majority will opt to silently choose a competing business over your services without sharing their reasoning. Your company must place heavy emphasis on creating a positive experience. Take care of your customers and profit is unlikely to be a concern.

Customer Experience Begins With Your Workforce

Whether a customer is buying a sports car, a designer watch, or a call answering service, the experience of the purchase has to be more rewarding than the actual purchase itself. And the customer experience you promote fundamentally starts with your team.

Employees must be motivated and committed in the work they produce. Endeavour in establishing a definite atmosphere which allows employees to enjoy their job role. Without pretence, unsatisfied employees guarantees for unsatisfied customers.

It’s absolutely necessary that you take the well-being of your employees seriously. Always encourage them to voice their concerns about the expectations their job requires, and award their hard-working efforts.

At alldayPA we have an employee reward scheme in place. The employee of the month is awarded with a swanky all-expenses-paid, high-end meal for two and a bottle of wine, and employee of the year enjoys a week’s holiday to a designation of their choice. Of course, other team-building activities are in place throughout the year to encourage relationship-building and trust.

Generate Customer Trust By Over-Delivering Results

You must offer a quality of service which cannot be matched elsewhere. To do so, you need to manage perceptions by generating a positive customer experience each and every time. Over-deliver on what your brand promises, always make sure you can demonstrate results and show you have an understanding of your customers’ needs.

To successfully generate customer trust, you need to set expectations and show customers you can deliver results. Take care of each customer individually the best way you can, as a happy customer will come back and bring their friends with them.

Never take your best customers for granted. Communicate with them as often as possible, and reward their support with loyalty schemes. When you take care of your customers, do right by them, deliver and satisfy, they take care of you.

Be memorable, be remarkable, be personalised, be consistent, and most importantly, be human.

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