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Five Crucial Customer Service Mistakes That Are Costing You Business

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

“The customer is always right.” This is a motto we are all far too familiar with, a motto which encourages customer service staff to prioritise customer satisfaction and a motto which underlines the importance of customer value.

Although in recent years the motto has received a little backlash from customer service representatives – arguing that certain customers are dishonest and have unrealistic expectations – the motto still applies today and is the main component to helping your business thrive. Thus customer service is the backbone to your business successes.

Customer service has the most significant influence on how customers view your brand as a whole. The way you treat your customers can lead to either praises being sung or customers’ refusal to acknowledge your existence.

Here are five crucial customer service mistakes which could be costing you money and business.

1- The number one mistake customer service staff make is assuming that everything is okay with business relationships. Quiet customers – the ones you believe are happily pleased with your products or services – often slip away without letting you know. You must pay special attention to the people who don’t complain. A quiet customer does not necessarily mean they’re a happy customer.

2- You must allow a simple way for customers to lodge complaints and feedback. Always remember that positive feedback is fine but criticism is ideal; it allows you to make the improvements needed to take your business to the next level. When you’re lucky enough to receive critique consider it a gift. This is an opportunity to bridge gaps in relationships and keep customers happy.

3- Many businesses demonstrate extremely poor management skills. Their entire focus is on sales. Sure, sales generates income and keeps business flowing, but the whole business counts and the entire trade should always remain top of mind. For example, customer service can generate a seamless customer experience which will eventually result in loyal customers who market your brand through word-of-mouth (which, let’s face it, is the best kind of marketing).

4- The most valuable aspect to a company is its employees. Your workforce can make or break your company, and it is therefore essential that your business knows how to successfully hire, employ and keep good employees. All employees should be engaged with the proper customer service training and have the power to tackle customer complaints.

5- Customers will want to contact you at a time which suits them and not your business. If you take too long to respond to customer queries, or worse fail to acknowledge them, your customers will find the comfort they desire elsewhere with your competition. Your business should dedicate support representatives or outsource to a telephone answering service such as alldayPA.

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