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Your clients dictate your Opening Hours

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

Research now shows that the clients do not consider “Time of day” or “Day of the week” being of any relevance when they are looking to purchase Services or Products. All CEO’s, Managing Directors, and Sales & Marketing Directors, need to take a moment to look at this InfoGraphic

This clearly shows (through their real call volume data) that the growth of people ringing businesses on the weekends, especially Sundays has been phenomenal and to an extent at the expense of the amount of calls made in the mid week.

20 years ago this year the Sunday trading act was passed in the UK. This changed the face of retail forever. Now with the explosion of online retail sales & the web in general it seems that people now find it acceptable to ring businesses on a Sunday and what’s more they expect businesses to be open!

What are business opening hours now? In today’s world the Consumer, be it B2B or B2C, is looking to speak to the Supplier when they want to speak to them and not be dictated by the Supplier’s opening hours.

Gone is the cliche 9am-5pm for office opening hours or even for retailers to have a late night once a week. It is near impossible now to know what standard working our are. Even in the world of the professionals many law firms have extended their hours and many law firms have now started having staff available on weekends.

Excellent research across 23,000 businesses by the team at alldayPA.

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