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The Secret to Happy, Loyal Customers

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

Ask yourself: do you know the value of your customers? Everybody knows that your customers are what keeps your business afloat, and that without customers there would be no money to pay bills. But do you truly understand the real value of your customers?

If your company’s goal is to generate a sale then move on, you’re causing your business more harm than good. Your aim should be to turn potential customers into long-term contributors to your business growth. If you attract the right customers – the ones who love your service, want to purchase again, and tell their friends – your business has the right foundations in place to be a success for years to come.

alldayPA shares five tips to successfully obtaining those happy, loyal customers:

1- Many businesses don’t implement a customer service policy. Without customers there simply is no business. As such, customer service should NEVER be an afterthought. Your business needs to employ a tight, integrated customer service strategy to prioritise your company’s goals with customer needs.

2- In a world of technology and data, it can become all too easy to forget that your biggest assets are your employees. Your employees create the first impression which marks the start of a customer’s experience with your company. This experience influences how customers interact with your services and products. Never forget the power of a personal experience by making your customers feel welcome and at home.

3- Always show understanding and empathy when responding to customers. Put yourself in their shoes and determine what you can offer to better their lives. You know how your company works, you know the features your products offer and the projects you’re working on. Use this knowledge to delight with amazing customer service. Always aim to outperform expectations.

4- Make your customers the number one priority and do everything in your power to keep these customers happy. Trust your team to deliver a great experience. If you make a mistake, apologise and do all you can to repair the relationship.

5- Give your customer support team a direct line to decision-making. If your support team have to go through procedures to sign off decisions, customers will become impatient and go knocking on your competitors’ doors. Speed is a crucial element in providing a great customer service.

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