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Best measure of Success is Freedom – to me

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

The working world is changing. No longer should CEO’s or Senior Managers be tied to the desk or forced to go into the office. Even if we still need to liaise with our teams and work to the same time scales, we don’t necessarily need to be sat next to one another to do so effectively. There are many professions, take graphic design or marketing, for example, that can be carried out remotely – all the time. It can go as far as to some freelancers never even speaking to a client in person.

But this remote office environment isn’t confined to freelancers. Increasingly, employers are giving staff the option to work from home, wherever this might be. But where the remote office really comes into its own is when it’s applied to entrepreneurs.

Of course, we all need a base, a place to work, but we don’t need to be tied down to it. If you’re a business owner in any sector, it’s probably going to be fruitful for your company if you get out in the field and meet people.

Your main aim is to earn money and create a successful business

But where this meeting space might be is open to interpretation. More and more the virtual office is becoming a place not only to work but to meet too. As an entrepreneur of course, your main aim is to earn money and create a successful business, but even more than that, it’s the freedom to choose where and when you work that’s makes being self-employed so attractive.

Since the age of 17, I have been fully integrated into the working world. For 23 years I have worked hard to build up my business but success to me is not measured by the amount of wealth I’ve amassed or the number of people I’ve employed. Of course, it’s an easy barometer for which to gauge success, but it’s entirely materialistic.

But, to me, true success is being in a position where you have the freedom to earn what you want, when and where you want to earn it. With the cost of international travel forever declining, these days the biggest cost you might incur from not being in the office is the money you could lose by neglecting your duties, not the cost of going somewhere else to carry them out.

Money finds you

I believe that making money and growing a successful business in today’s market is more down to knowledge and speed than the amount of start-up capital you might have. In my opinion, money finds you. However, it can’t find you if you don’t make your presence known. By all means, work from a tropical island, people don’t really care where you are as long as you’re online and ready for action. It’s entirely up to you where you work from; a beach in the Bahamas, the Swiss Alps, your bedroom or even a conventional office: it’s your choice.

Advents in digital technology have made it easy to communicate and stay in touch with your clients and colleagues from almost anywhere in the world. Facetime, alldayPA, Skype, WhatsApp, IMO: there are so many ways to stay in touch. What are you waiting for?

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