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The Importance of Charm in Business

Reuben Singh - 17th May 2018 - 0 comments

Human beings tend to be one of two kinds of people; those born with charm, or those who have to work at it. I run a business that recruits those born with it, and trains those who aren’t. I frequently discuss with Jo, who trains our Personal Assistant’s, that her job is the equivalent of running a charm school, albeit a pretty intensive one. Many of the PA’s that start our seven-week training programme fail because they did not master a demeanour where their charm spills over into their voice. As businesses become ever more reliant on technology, the need to adhere to “It’s not what you say but the way in which you say it” increases. As technology helps us run businesses more efficiently, so our value as human beings lessens unless we bring elements that can never be replaced by technology to the front in our business communications. Charm, reassurance, and empathy are just some of those magic ingredients. Add clarity of diction, gravitas, second-to-none communication and ‘a voice to remember’ and you are getting close to some of the sophistication involved in creating Personal Assistants of distinction that communicate in ways any business would be proud to be associated with.

At alldayPA we love technology and rely on it a great deal. We have millions of pounds worth of technology so our PA’s can instantly be informed about the call they are answering and the person they are about to interact with. Having said that, just because you can use technology doesn’t always mean you should. Sometimes it is the way in which you say something that makes all the difference. No amount of technology will ever replace that and Human Resources Managers, Customer Service Managers and Sales teams the world over I am sure will agree.

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